Cutting Board Care Instructions



HAND WASH all sides of your cutting board with a damp cloth. Never put your board in a dishwasher. This will cause the glue to heat up and crack. Never submerge your board in water. When you are done cleaning wipe your board down, and let it dry standing up.


OIL YOUR BOARD all our boards come soaked in mineral oil before shipping. But over time you will need to recondition your board. We recommend FOOD GRADE mineral oil or a wax with FOOD GRADE mineral oil in it. We recommend oiling your board once a month for the best life span.


WARPING can happen over time. You can help prevent this by oiling your board at least once a month. Also make sure to allow your board to dry before storing it after washing it. But even with the best care you still can have warping occur because of humidity and the type of wood.


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